About Us

About ibiz.plus

The ibiz+ was founded in 1989.
ibiz+ is a professional development company for ERP software.
Since 2010, it has also invested in IT education business.
2020 is the beginning of the 4th industrial era.
A world dominated by software!
4 billion people are connected to the internet.
Therefore, companies are in need of new changes.
Companies that cannot adapt to this new change are disappearing.
ibiz+ has software solutions that support most industries.
The AI ​​and unprecedented corona outbreak after 2020 is calling for new changes in software.
Therefore, we are upgrading all industry specific solutions.
Currently, the restaurant solution, which has been hit hardest since COVID-19,
is the first to be upgraded and released.

ibiz+ is the industry leader in developing web-based local business management systems since 2004. It is a system that enables integrated management from online order to internal POS system. It will be the best choice for local business management that requires non-face-to-face customer management after COVID-19.

Our Mission

Our management mission is to provide a non-face-to-face business platform for all local business to receive online orders and manage their own customers without the help of third-party agents.

Our Vision

The development and rapid spread of the Internet has changed everything in our lives.
The local business lacks the ability to cope with new technologies on its own.
The ibiz+ will provide a platform to benefit all local business owners.
The ibiz+ will be a new leader in the huge market of the local business industry.